Mr. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Axel Kaiser

Recognized Expert by Chamber of Engineers of Saxony-Anhalt
Subject Area: Steel Construction for Wind Turbines

since July 07, 2014
Consulting Engineer of Chamber of Engineers of Saxony-Anhalt
Member since July 13, 2006
Authorization to present building documents
entered under list number: 16088

25 years of professional experience
International projects, quality assurance
Wind turbines onshore / offshore
Planning of production lines and product design
Steel, engineering and plant construction

Core competencies

  • Business management, acquisition, supply
  • Leadership, work organization, order processing
  • Expert activity, preparation of expert reports
  • Inspections, testing and surveillance activities
  • Expediting, Controlling, Project Management
  • Site management

  • Education

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Graduate engineer (FH)
  •     Department of Mechanical Engineering / Steel Construction
  • European Welding Engineer 
       Certificate Nr.: 001191 /EWE
  • International welding engineer 
       Diploma No.: D-SLV-06118-1173-070702-072642-12/IIW
  • DIN Tested Paint Inspector Level C 
       (Approval No.: PZ-BIC-125)
  • Non-destructive testing 
       Visual testing (VT), Level 1 and 2

  • Professional career

    2014 until date Recognized Expert by Chamber of Engineers of Saxony-Anhalt
    2013 until date Engineer authorized to present building documents
    2006 until date AKBI, Axel Kaiser Consulting Engineer (list number.: 16088)
    2010 until 2012 Managing Director, SIAG Engineering GmbH, Emden
    2009 until 2010 Head of Technical Controlling (Business Development) SIAG AG
    2003 until 2009 Managing Director, lavis engineering GmbH, Halle
    2001 until 2003
    Head of Technical Controlling (Site Management) Shanghai Maglev Transrapid in China, Thyssen Krupp Transrapid Systems / ASH Consult GmbH
    1993 until 2001 Project Manager Construction Supervision, Building Inspection lavis engineering GmbH, Halle
    1982 until 1993 MAM, Site Manager, Department Manager DR Stahlbau Dessau


    Mr. B. Eng. Alexander Kaiser

    IWE - International Welding Engineer
    Diploma-No.: D-SLV-13353-1170-170519-1605196 IIW
    FROSIO Inspector - Level II
    Certificate no: 11674
    Supervisor according ZTV-ING part 4, section 3, no. 5.2 (KOR-Schein)
    Register no: 06-AK-89-19 - 40312564
    Drone license
    Certificate-No.: D-SLV-13353-1171-181210-1605196-Z

    3 years professional experience
    International projects, quality assurance
    Production supervision, building inspections
    Logistics planning, document management
    for plant construction and renewable energies onshore and offshore

    Core competencies

  • Building inspection, document cehck
  • Production monitoring, quality assurance
  • Preparation of documents, WPQR, WPS, work and installation instructions
  • Processing of invoices, orders, accounting
  • Office organization, HTML programming
  • Preparation of documents and instructions in the context of SiGeKo

  • Education

  • Occupational Safety Coordinator 
        Occupational health and safety expertise for coordinators according to construction site regulations (RAB 30, Annex B)
  • HSE Coordinator 
       (Occupational) safety, health and environmental protection according to SCC regulations
  • Bachelor of Engineering 
       Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin
  • Im In the event of an accident and for special solutions, we can advise you our consulting engineers:

    Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Ludwig Schneider

    European Welding Engineer 
       (Certificate Nr.: 321260)

    Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Heinrich Dietz

    International Welding Engineer 
       (Diploma No.: D-SLV-06118-1173-071127-073185/ IIW)
    DIN Tested Paint Inspector Level C 
       (Approval No.: PZ-BIC-279)